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"JLS is truly a magical place and I cannot give a higher recommendation. Its a place where I am able to recognize my true potential and the fact that the potential could be harnessed for optimum results ,it obviously has surprised people around me and moreover it has surprised me about my own ability ,I am rediscovering myself and I am loving it"
Vikram(N2 student)
Aspiring Translator

I started in JLS in September 2012 and every class has been memorable.

The classes keeps us engaged for more than 4 hours. The teachers are
very dedicated and encourage the passion for the language in every
student. The class is just not about the JLPT exams but an all around learning about Japan.

Arthi Maran (N2 student)
Akamai Technologies
JLS is the one stop school for Japanese studies in Bangalore. It has very learned and interesting Sensei (teachers) and very customized \ Indianized way of learning. I am happy to be part of JLS as my commitment and confidence in Japanese language has increased significantly.
Varsha Shrivastava(N2 student)
Aspiring Trainer and Interpreter
My experience in JLS has been an exhilarating one. The environment is peaceful, the fellow students are inspirational and the teachers are, simply put, amazing. Every class is a brand new experience! It's like an all-in-one package where we not only learn the theory of it all, but where everyone shares their own experiences, where we learn how to converse and listen. There is no particular age group for these classes, so we get to meet so many different people of different ages and different experiences of Japan. The teachers are skilled and amiable and will push us to be better. This means that they will give us our daily dose of Japanese through the tests and homework that we have to do during the weekdays, but this doesn't take up much of our time and is extremely effective.We open a wide door of opportunities when joining the JLS. We get to participate in contests, we get invites to Japanese-related events, we go on trips and socialize with the Japanese living in Bangalore.So all in all, if you have a good reason to study Japanese and if you are able to commit to it, then JLS is the place to be! Come join us!
Rachael Thomas(N3 student)
(Freelancing at DigiCaptions)
Home, is what I would call JLS. The teachers there don't make you feel like you're a student. They converse and interact with you as if they were teaching a friend. Motivating, and encouraging us to ask any doubt we might have, the teachers always look for ways to make the class more fun and update their material by going that extra mile. If I had to recommend a place to study a language like Japanese, the Japanese Language School would be that place.
Appu GB(N2 student)
College: Sir MVIT
JLS class timing is very good, which is convenient for company employees and teaching method is also unique.(currently studing N4)
ヤシュワント クマール (yaswanth kumar)(N4 student)
Mercedes-Benz R&D India Private Limited

JLS is one of thee best Japanese school in Bangalore. I have been a student of JLS since 1 year. I began learning this language without any knowledge and was quite sceptical on the first day when the professor began addressing us in Japanese. But within thirty minutes of class, the whole class began to attempt speaking in Japanese, those which were being taught to us by the professor.
Another favourite part of mine is their approach towards japanese conversation. Most of the professors during lectures divide their class into small groups and ask them to perform a dialogue or a skit. This greatly boosts the students. You get the feeling that you are not alone in your quest of learning Japanese.

At JLS you not only learn Japanese, but also get acquainted with japanese culture. I feel very proud and lucky to be apart of JLS.

Ashwini V
Company: ABCON Groups.

In JLS the teaching method is really great.JLS teachers are motivating the students that's really boost our confidence in learning language.I think the biggest strength of the JLS is the teachers.I would like to thank god to have a such good teachers and JLS. Arigatoo gozaimasu.

Bangalore university.
I think JLS is really good. The teaching method is excellent.
Learning Japanese is very hard and the way JLS teaches makes the language much easier to learn.The classes are very interesting too.
Akanksha Sara Dhanani,
Student, Bangalore International School, Grade 7
" The materials provided by JLS is adequate for JLPT preparation as well as for wholesome improvement in our knowledge about Japanese language and culture. With a very sincere and dedicated Sensei (to the extent of sending notes through e-mails follwed by an SMS intimation ) to reach to at any time, it's worth spending our money. "
Housewife (aspiring translator).
"It was an exciting learning experience at JLS, I enjoyed learning while in JLS, Sudents of all age group from differnt background with common interest came together.

It was great pleasure to have a teacher like Bhuvana-sensei for her utmost care & great methodology of teaching with more Interactive in the midst of a Japanese cultural touch.Presently I am in Japan (Kawasaki) for a couple of months on a official trip.Thanks for everything "
Venkatesh Achutha Rao
Mercedes Benz R & D India Ltd., Bangalore.
" I never thought learning language would be so interesting until I joined JLS in 2009. Innovative approach in teaching and stress on developing conversational skill are worth mentioning. "
Rajeev B. N
Project Lead, MindTree Ltd.
" Individual attention to every student, study materials designed with special care, extremely good and dedicated trainers are the major strengths of JLS. Students at JLS get acquainted with Japanese culture and business etiquette along with getting trained for JLPT exams. After studying at JLS for more than two years, I feel fortunate that I chose JLS. "
Seema S. Hegde
Researcher, Environmental Economics
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